Safwah was started in 2019 in the UK with the goal of providing premium quality saffron, spices and perfume oils, etc which are usually double the price, if not triple, in stores at a reasonable and affordable price. We started off with saffron, the spice more expensive than gold in its weight which has been running strong, we plan to add the other variants from around the world to our list.

Considering the short term we have been operating, we have exported our saffron to customers in over 15 countries, some of them coming from countries that produce their own saffron. That says a lot about our quality and as well as our prices, as you will agree.

Unfortunately, after a few months of starting our business, the Covid-19 lockdowns came into place around the world due to which many of the new products we intended to stock were lost! Thankfully, all of this is now receding, so hopefully, we will be adding those products as soon as they arrive.

Please feel free send us your view, opinion and general pointers, we are always open for advice.

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