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Saffron is said to be heavier than gold in weight. Well, unfortunately, it can be when brands are selling it at ridiculous prices to pump up their profit margin. We at Safwah intend to change this by selling 100% Pure, Premium Saffron which has been lab certified to the highest grade, at a price that everyone can afford.  

Safwah’s saffron is ethically sourced from a farm in Herat province, Afghanistan, that took the massive step to stop growing poppies and start with saffron instead. Unlike fields upon fields in countries like Spain, owned by big companies specifically for the cultivation of saffron, our saffron is sourced directly from a family-run farm.

It has been lab-tested which has shown it to be of the highest quality, pure from any contaminants, pesticides, alcohol, etc. As can be seen from our packaging it has the ISO-3623 rating of A+, the highest rating given for Saffron.

What you will notice from our Saffron is that it doesn’t contain any yellow or white threads as seen in most branded saffron, due to the fact that we meticulously select the best quality threads giving you your money’s worth.

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